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by Anna Hughes

Fifteen years old from Kent

Extract from Gen Alpha-Z by Various Authors


“Alinka, is it?” the man in a long robe asked her.
     He was younger than she imagined, considering he was a mage. His brown hair without a streak of grey, but his eyes seemed older, with crinkles forming round the edges, as 
though he had lived through more than most.
    “Yes,” she murmured.
    “You believe you have power?” he queried, doubt replacing

any curiosity in his eyes.
    “I don’t know,” she mumbled, aware of how inadequate

she appeared.
    “Could you run me through your past experiences with

    “When I was young, I—” she gulped, realising this was

the first time she’d admitted it aloud. “I burnt my mother’s back with my hands.”

     The man’s back straightened. A sudden interest sparkled in his eyes. “How did this occur?”

    “She hugged me. I had my hands on her back. I was angry.” She stopped talking, feeling a suppressed wave of guilt wash over her.

    The man leant towards her, as if what she was saying brought him wonder, not sickness. “And you burnt her skin?”

    “Yes,” she breathed. Her eyes were stinging and her throat burning from the effort of trying not to cry.

    “Remarkable.” A smile lit up his face.

    At this, Alinka lurched forward, her hands reaching for his neck, anger propelling her motion. The man merely smirked at her and raised his hand. A force pushing her back to her seat. There they sat for several moments.

    “Alinka, has anything else similar happened?”

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