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We love fab stories by awesome young writers! We will always share the best stories sent into us. If your story is featured on here, that means your book will be published in our anthology of short stories! Featured stories usually change monthly so make sure you check in!


Footsteps by Arrleen Sandhu aged 12 from Glasgow

Dark clouds covered  the moon as a small girl hurried along the path. Her footsteps seemed to echo in the shadows. There was a strange, creepy atmosphere in the air. Suddenly she stopped. Listened. She could hear faint, eerie footsteps coming from behind her. Reluctantly, she carried on. Out of the blue, a dark shadow appeared in front of her. The poor girl was paralysed with fear as a figure emerged from the bushes. This was the last known sighting of her.

             Investigators studied the crime scene. They found a dirty, blood red bow which the girl had been wearing that dreadful night. This led them to the building across the road: the town’s orphanage. It’s rumoured that the orphanage is haunted by the children’s ghosts who have  there. Many children have attempted to flee from there after hearing creepy voices or even witnessing the ghosts. All the girls there are given a certain type of bow so that they can be recognised when outside the building. This is how the detectives knew where the girl had come from. But why she was hurrying away? They did not know for sure.

            To find out, they sent in paranormal investigators. They set up all their equipment at night and waited. Pretty soon, abnormal events started to happen. Their equipment started to pick up ghastly girls and boys voices.

           “Go away.” 

           “Help us!” 

            One of the investigators even claimed that they saw a terrifying ghost of a boy. The detectives wondered how the poor girl must have felt? Where was she running to?

            Witnesses told the detectives they had seen her holding a map before a masked, dark figure took her and disappeared. It then became clear that the girl planned to go far. The path she was heading down wasn’t the easiest way out of town. It was a deserted path in the middle of nowhere. There were no lights and nobody ever used it. 

The couple who lived near the path claimed that they were out late and had just come home. They saw the girl running and decided to follow her. They were the only ones who witnessed the horrifying event.

            But who was the dark spooky figure?

            The answer is, nobody knows. The detectives set up CCTV cameras, but by the morning they were destroyed. Nobody wanted to stick around at night to try and catch it in case they didn’t make it. Due to this, they closed the path off and nobody ever went down it again until a few nights ago.

            Dark clouds sped across the moon as a small boy hurried anxiously along the path. His footsteps seemed to echo in the shadows. There was a strange, creepy atmosphere in the air. Suddenly he stopped. Listened. Footsteps. . .

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