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Chizutelu and You Or Boarding School Heartbreak

by Imieye Ogheneofegor

Seventeen years old from Port-Harcourt City, Nigeria   

Extract from Gen Alpha-Z by Various Authors


He’s hot, and not just the type that makes you look twice. He’s the kind of guy that likes to look in the mirror; not because he wonders what people see in him, but because he likes to look at fine things. He gives girls premature ventricular contractions by saying the least, and when he plays basketball he makes your jaw drop.

    He’s breath taking, magnificent, angelic and his name rolls off your tongue like it’s sweetcorn soup: Chizutelu, Chizutelu, Chizutelu. Chizutelu makes you feel things that you’ve never felt before. Do things that you’ve never done before. Chizutelu makes you love him so much you hate yourself. And you know what’s funny? Chizutelu doesn’t know it.

    He holds you and tells you that he just wants to be held sometimes, and your heart skips a beat. Chizutelu makes you laugh and says he’s going to marry you, and you imagine it and it makes you so dizzy, but you tell him no because you want to play hard to get. But there’s so much tension in the air, and when he holds your hand you let him. You laugh and act like you don’t want to kiss him everywhere. You’re temporarily mad.

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