Round 1:
Macy (5) and Ellie Lewis (7) from Kent, England
'The Magic Horse' in The Originals 

Round 2:
Jamie Martin (13) from Warrington, England
'Young Hope' in The Originals 

Round 3:
Little winner: Ava Garnett (7) from Kent, England
'The World of Children' in The Originals 
BIG winner: Will Shahane (15) from Sheffield, England
'ATTU' in The Originals 

Round 1:
Little winner: Skyla Beth Botham (7) from North Yorkshire, England
'Mr Peel (The Weatherman) and the legendary Giggling Mattress' in The Originals 
BIG winner: Lisa Hollander (17) from Belgium
'Anyone else awake?' In The Originals 

Round 2:
Little winner: Amira Benning-Prince (9) from Surrey, England
'Pandora's Box' in The Originals 
BIG winner: Maddie Whitmell (13) from Essex, England
'The Nameless, faceless Bully' in The Originals 

Round 3: 
Little winner: Isla Bluebell Thompson (7) from Bath, England 
'The Magic Enhanced Orchard' in The Originals 
BIG winner: Krystal Song (20) from LA, USA
'World on Fire' in The Originals 

Round 1:
Little winner: Dina Samha (12) from Walsall West Midlands, England
'Lost' in Gen Alpha-Z
BIG winner: Tritima Achigbu (16) from Lagos, Nigeria
'Nighttime Loving' in Gen Alpha-Z

Round 2: 
Little winner: Maddison Rapson (11) from Gillingham, Kent, England
'Life on Mars' in Gen Alpha-Z
BIG winner:  Chijioke Izuegbunem (21) from Port Harcourt City, Nigeria
'Hawkers for Life' in Gen Alpha-Z
Round 3:
Little winner: Dervla Hegarty (11) from Ireland
'Lilli' in Gen Alpha-Z
BIG winner:  Jessica Burn (14) from Lincolnshire, England
'Almost Human' in Gen Alpha-Z

Round 1:
Little winner: Honor Dent (10) from London
'How My Dreams Came True'
BIG winner:  Andrew Wyles (14) from Aberdeen
'The Last Plane Home'

Round 2: 
Little winner: Thomas Johnston (11) from Armagh, Northern Ireland
'Dragon Quest'
BIG winner: Emma Uren (18) from Auckland, New Zealand
'A Golden Promise'

Round 3: No winner

Round 1:
Little winner: Emma Bowler (8) from Dartford, England
'The Talent Show'
BIG winner: Atlas Weyland Eden (14) from Okehampton, Devon, England
'A Memoir in Ice'

Round 2: 
Little winner: Emma Bowler (8) from Dartford, England
'Pippi the Panda'
BIG winner: Amy Lever (19) from Manchester, England
'Far From The Home I Love'

Round 3: No winner

Round 1:
Little winner: Chloe Evans (11) from Iverness, Scotland
'A Seed's Tale'
BIG winner: No winner

Round 2:
Little winner: No winner

BIG winner: Nicky Anderson (15) from Perth, England
'Storm Song'