Winners Story

Congratulations to the winners of the little BIG Book Competition!

The little category winner is Chloe Evans, 11 years old from Iverness, Scotland and her story 'A seed's tale.'

No BIG category winner for this round.

A seed's tale


Sunshine, that’s what starts my lovely mornings. Everyday, without fail, the beautiful sun will rise just for me. I live in a flower, and I don’t wish to be boastful, but it’s probably the most beautiful flower of them all. Most people consider it as a weed, but to me it’s a home. That’s right, I live in a dandelion.  

     It’s not just me though, I live with many other brothers and sisters, and sure, my siblings can often be irritating, but I love them just the same. There’s lot’s of us, and we’re all waiting for a very special day. We’ve been counting the days the sun rises and it’s very soon.  

     Everyone else is incredibly excited for the day when we become part of the glorious wind, and are swept away to create new flowers all over the field….everyone except me. I don’t want to leave our little safe haven, our clump of paradise hidden deep in a flower. I’m scared we’ll be trodden on when we eventually land on soft grass, or maybe we won’t land at all! What if we land on thorns or in a bog, I have heard lots of horror stories of seeds not making it to the right place. 

     Finally, the dreaded day has come, and I knew it was time to go. Everyone else was waiting impatiently for the wind to become stronger. 

     “Hurry up.” 

     “Come on wind.” 

     “When can we go? This is taking too long.” 

     I however, was glad the wind wasn’t picking up, and secretly began to hope an impossible hope, that maybe we didn’t have to go! This was a mad idea, as nature always finds a way. 

     Suddenly the wind began Swoosh and Swish and blow harder and harder by the second. There was lightning, and huge rumbles as though there was an earthquake in the sky, and suddenly there was pounding rain, and the wind roared like a savage beast! 

      I tried to cling on, but it was useless to the rabid storm that surrounded me.  

      “AAAAAAAAAHHHH!” I want to scream, but I’m a seed, and it’s common knowledge that seeds can’t talk, and also we can’t scream either. 

      I am blown this way and that, not certain where I am, I attempt to look below, but am quickly swept away again in a different direction before I can even think of doing it. Everything then became dark. 

      I wake up and there was a glowing sun to greet me as always. For a minute there, everything was normal. Then I remembered I’m not in my flower, and I felt absolutely terrible. I knew being swept away wasn’t a great journey that all seeds had to take, it was a death sentence after all.  

      I scanned my surroundings and noticed I had landed in a barren field of dirt, and I was right next to a giant? Was it a spud? Yep. I had landed next to a giant monster of a tattie. Or was it just me being so small? I couldn’t tell. 

      Where was I? It certainly wasn’t a field of luxuriously soft grass, that’s for sure. Then I heard a huge THUMP that seemed to shake the ground beneath me. I stayed perfectly still, trying my hardest not to attract any attention. THUMP THUMP. More thumps still. THUMP THUMP THUMP. Getting closer. Soon I saw an enormous pair of pink wellington boots coming towards me. What was going on? 

     I heard a voice from far above me squeal with delight. “Mummy, Mummy, I found a seed Mummy, we talked about them at school! It’s so small!”

    The voice continued to chatter away rapidly about all sorts, but that wasn’t my main concern at that moment, the giant hand lowering down to grab me was! 

     It picked me up in an uncomfortably warm hand and started running with me towards a huge red house I’d never seen before. The thing carrying me dropped me several times before it reached the house. Ouch. 

     “Mummy, look, mummy!” the creature carrying me cried. 

      Another one of them, taller though, came out of the big red house and walked over to see what on earth was the matter. 

     “What is it Mary?”asked the bigger one. 

     “It’s a seed mummy, and it grows into a pretty flower, we learnt that at school, and the flower is very pretty mummy.” 

     “How on earth did you find one tiny seed in such a huge potato field?” 

     “ ‘Cus it looked like the seed from the pictures at school mummy! Can I keep it, can I, can I?” 

     “Of course, I’m sure it will look lovely when it grows.” 

     “Yay!” squealed the creature holding me, jumping up and down with excitement. 

       That’s when my new life began. I began to crave sunlight and water, and a little bit of soil wouldn’t hurt either. I also longed for a dark space to crawl into and hide. Weird. 

      I was given my very own clay pot on the window, and a very nice spot on the windowsill with lots and lots of sunlight. I was watered and well looked after, and I absolutely loved my new life. I began to grow taller and feel different, less small, more majestic. Gradually, I was turning into my old home! So this is what happens when the wind picks you up! Maybe my brothers and sisters are in their own clay pots, in other big red houses. 

      One day, Mary, the little girl who had brought me here (turns out she’s some sort of monkey that can talk, but I think they’re called humans) got home from school and started to water me, just like every day. Her mummy, or mum for short, sat down and sighed.  

      I’m a plant in a plant pot on the window sill, and I’ve been here for a while so I do listen and pick up some stuff. Why do you think plants are so silent? Maybe, just maybe, you should stop the next time you pass a tree, and think, maybe this tree is listening? 

      Anyway, the only different thing was, “MUMMY! IT’S A PRETTY FLOWER!” 

      Mum stood up, shocked and took a closer look, I suppose they had been so busy, they hadn’t noticed how much I’d grown. Mum slapped her hand to her mouth and cried, “It’s a weed! I had no idea! If I’d had known we wouldn’t have grown it! Oh my! Let me get the weed killer, and we can throw it out!” 

      Then little Mary began to cry, crystal shiny tears dripping down her cheeks. Mum gave her a hug and asked what was wrong. 

      “Mummy,” said Mary sobbing. “It’s not a weed mummy, It’s a flower, please don’t kill it mummy.” 

      “Darling, we can’t grow a weed in our house.” 

      “Why not?” 

       Mum paused and then said, “I suppose you’ve got a point.” 

      “Please mummy.” 

       And Mum looked into her eyes and melted. When she turned to face me, she seemed to see me in a whole new light, a whole new perspective. 

      “I suppose you’re right, it is rather beautiful isn’t it.” 

       That my friend is my tale, and I’m very happy I’ve told you it, because there's something you should know, if you see a little seed sitting on the ground, pick it up, and give it a home, because every seed has a tale to tell, and you might just feel better when you go to sleep that night. 

       For that is my story…..what’s yours?